During Pasadena’s Astronomy Week in October, amateur astronomers were invited to set up their telescopes for visitors to see a wide variety of celestial objects. There is no better place in Los Angeles to set up! Photo credit: Tom Masterson

Star Gazing Nights

Stay Tuned For Our First Star Party Of The Year!

Mount Wilson Observatory and the Los Angeles Astronomical Society will host a number of free public star parties at the observatory in 2020. The dates will be announced her, on the homepage and via email to our supporters. Come join us for a public star party and spend a relaxing evening in the San Gabriel Mountains under the stars looking through telescopes provided by the members of the Los Angeles Astronomical Society!

Bring the kids as this is an event for the whole family. But please leave your dogs at home.

Event Details: No tickets or parking passes required, but an RSVP on our Facebook event page will be greatly appreciated. This event is a fundraiser to support the outreach of the Mount Wilson Observatory and Los Angeles Astronomical Society. Donations are accepted at the front gate. The Star Party will be held in the upper parking lot of Mount Wilson Observatory. The rest of the Observatory grounds will be closed to the public.

Visiting information and driving directions with a map can be found here: Bring red flashlights to use in the dark areas around the telescopes. The Observatory gate will close at the regular time of 5:00 pm but will reopen at 6:30 pm for the star party. Parking will be available in the lower parking lot.

This event DOES NOT give access to the 60 inch or 100 inch telescopes. The Observatory grounds will be CLOSED and star party visitors will only be allowed in the upper lot, lower lot, and cafe area. The observatory is at an elevation of 5,700 feet. Those with heart or respiratory issues should exercise caution when visiting. The event is handicapped accessible. Please inform the parking lot attendant when you arrive. Please watch for updates on the Facebook page regarding weather and forest conditions.