Privacy Policy

The Mount Wilson Institute makes every effort to ensure that all of the transactions that occur on its website are secure. All payments are tokenized and no card or bank account information is stored.  Our toolset is PCI compliant and contains fraud monitoring at the transaction level.  Mount Wilson will retain your information for our records and this information will not be shared with third parties.

Mount Wilson Institute’s Privacy Policy

Mount Wilson Institute is strongly committed to protecting the privacy of its online guests, customers, members, donors, and friends. We do not collect personal information about individuals—such as their names and postal and/or email addresses—except when it is knowingly provided by such individuals.

How Mount Wilson Uses This Information

In consideration of your privacy, Mount Wilson Institute will not release or share your personal information for use by any outside company or organization.

The Mount Wilson Institute Email Policy

Mount Wilson regularly sends emails to our registered visitors to provide them with highlights of upcoming events and news. You may unsubscribe to the email list at any time by emailing a message containing your name and email address to: or clicking Unsubscribe at the bottom of any of our emails.