For an experience of a lifetime, view celestial objects through our historic 60-inch or 100-inch telescopes. These are the largest telescopes in the world that are available for public use.


Our 60″ Telescope

Mount Wilson’s 60-inch telescope provides incredible views of some of the most beautiful objects in the night sky and is among the largest in the world accessible to public viewing. Click on 60-inch Telescope Brochure below for more details on this unique experience. To help visualize an evening at the telescope, our spherical panorama virtual tour shows two views of the telescope, one of which was produced during an actual observing session.

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Our 100″ Telescope

The 100-inch Hooker Telescope, the world’s largest from 1917 to 1949, forever altered our understanding of the nature and size of the Universe and launched a revolution in astronomy that continues through today. This world-heritage class instrument, used by many of the greatest astronomers of the Twentieth Century, is for the first time being made available for regular public viewing. Imagine looking through the telescope used by Edwin Hubble in the 1920s to measure the expansion of the Universe.

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Telescope operator Christopher Burns, an astronomer with the Carnegie Observatories, checks the view through the 100-inch telescope. (Photo courtesy of Cindy Hunt Benson – Carnegie Observatories )