Historic Mount Wilson Observatory Announces Re-Opening to the Public on JUNE 15

Mount Wilson Observatory, Southern California’s historic home to over 100 years of groundbreaking astronomical discovery, proudly announces it will re-open to the public on Tuesday, June 15, 2021.  Located on a peak in the San Gabriel Mountains of the Angeles National Forest, near Pasadena, the Observatory closed in 2020  in accordance with the US Forest Service’s observance of Covid-19 and pandemic safety guidelines.  The gates to Mount Wilson’s acreage will open at 10AM every day the remainder of the summer and close at 5PM.  Parking will be available, and visitors can hike the grounds, gaze at the telescope domes that dot the landscape, and browse through the Historic Museum in the Lecture Hall.

Please see our “VISITING” page for hours, directions, maps and more. We look forward to seeing you on the mountain!

Introducing: Discovering Mount Wilson

George Ellery Hale at the Spectrograph

Mount Wilson Observatory Founder George Ellery Hale at the spectrograph.

To accompany the reopening, we are also announcing an expansive multi-platform campaign to celebrate our history, “Discovering Mount Wilson.” Starting on Tuesday June 15, Mount Wilson “Chapters” – brief stories about the Mountain’s history – will pop up here on the Mount Wilson website, and also our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, showcasing the rich legacy of astronomy narrative in the 20th century.  These chapters will utilize stunning archival images captured by the telescopes, and pictures of the physical evolution of the mountain facility itself, which hosts two historically important telescopes: the 100-inch Hooker telescope, (featuring the world’s largest aperture from 1917 to 1949), and the 60-inch telescope (world’s largest operational telescope from 1908 to 1917).

Founded by George Ellery Hale in 1904, Mount Wilson Observatory has played host to a who’s who of important figures in 20th century astronomy, including Edwin Hubble, Albert Einstein, Harlow Shapley, Milton Humason and many others.  The Chapters will lead readers to a better understanding of why Mount Wilson is “Where we Discovered Our Place in the Universe.”

Limited Telescope Reservations Available

As part of the complete re-opening on June 15, Mount Wilson Observatory has now released a limited number of reservations for night sky viewing on the 60-inch and 100-inch telescopes. These can be booked for evenings throughout the summer.  Information about fees, available viewing dates, and reservation forms for private observation can be found at:




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