Help sustain Mount Wilson Observatory and preserve it for future generations.


Mount Wilson Institute, which operates the Observatory, receives no regular support from the government or Carnegie Institute of Washington, which originally funded it. We rely on a large number of donors, a few small grants, and the revenue from our telescopes nights to fund our continued operation. We use the money to:

  • Restore and preserve the Observatory’s historic facilities
  • Preserve Mount Wilson as a site for on-going scientific research
  • Foster public understanding of Mount Wilson heritage and its continuing role in contemporary astronomy
  • Educational programs that capitalize on the Mount Wilson tradition to inspire a new generation of scientists

Your contribution of any amount is welcomed. You can donate by credit card below or by check made out to Mount Wilson Institute and sent to:

The Mount Wilson Institute
P.O. Box 94146
Pasadena, CA 91109

Thank you! Your support is deeply appreciated and will help preserve this treasure of American science for future generations.