The "Telephone Museum" tucked into a cutout in the massive cement pier that supports the 100-inch telescope.

Contact Us

Contact New

Executive Director

Mr. Thomas Meneghini
Voice: (626) 304-0269

Regular Mail

Mount Wilson Institute
P.O. Box 94146
Pasadena, CA 91109


MWI c/o Carnegie Observatories
813 Santa Barbara Street
Pasadena, CA 91101-1232

Telescope Reservation Coordinator

Ms. Shelley Bonus

(424) 289-0325


Private Tour Reservations


STEM Educational Programs

Email: or call Ms. Jessica Rodriguez at (571) 762-5850.

MWI Mountain Operations Office

Mr. Craig Woods
Voice: (626) 440-9016
Fax: (626) 405-9814

Mount Wilson Institute Board of Trustees

Mr. Samuel D. Hale, Chairman & CEO – Century Management
Ms. Linda Van Winkle Deacon – Attorney at Law
Mr. C. Robert Ferguson, Secretary – Attorney at Law
Mr. Scott Hood – First Wilshire Securities
Mr. Michael H. Horner – Tom Sawyer Camps
Mr. Dan Kohne – Producer/FX Cinematographer
Mr. Mike McIntyre – US Forest Service, Retired
Dr. Josh Simon – The Carnegie Observatories
Mr. Timothy Thompson – Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Retired
Mr. Larry S. Webster – Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy

Emeritus Trustees

Mr. Hugh Downs – ABC News, Retired
Mr. Eugene N. Parker – University of Chicago


Mr. Samuel D. Hale – Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Thomas Meneghini – Executive Director


Mr. Craig Woods – Superintendent

Ms. Magdalena Moran – Assistant Superintendent

Ms. Lauren Manwaring – Manager, Cosmic Cafe

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