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A monthly FREE Zoom lecture series chronicling our history, hosted by Tim Thompson, MWO Trustee, Observatory Docent and Session Director.


View celestial objects through our large, historic telescopes, the 60 and 100 inch telescopes–the two largest in the world dedicated to public viewing.


Artistic Director Cécilia Tsan curates thoughtful musical adventures under the magnificent vaulted dome of the 100-inch telescope. 

Latest communications from Mount Wilson Observatory, including events, special exhibits, membership information, and more!

Select articles from guest writers for Mount Wilson Observatory. 

Women Scientists at Mount Wilson Observatory During the Early Years,  by Eun-Joo Ahn

The Search for the First Stars, by Josh Simon

A special series on some of the most important news, discoveries, and events to take place on the mountaintop since its founding in 1904.

The mission of the Mount Wilson Institute is to manage and promote the Mount Wilson Observatory for scientific research, historic preservation, education, public engagement, and the arts.