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The Galley

The Galley in 2008.

Astronomers routinely enjoy a break in the middle of a night of observing to take their "night lunch" and warm up after the hours of work at the telescope. This small building, simply known as the Galley, is conveniently located between the 60-inch and 100-inch telescopes and continues to serve as the gathering place for a brief reprieve before returning to finish out the hours until dawn ends the night's session. This location was chosen not only for convenience to the two major night-time telescopes on Mount Wilson, but it also was intended to keep any fire danger that might arise from cooking well away from the telescope domes.

After taking their nourishment and no doubt enjoying a bit of conversation, the astronomers and telescope operators would return to their respective domes. The path to the 100-inch utlizes a footbridge to cross a small arroyo. The photos below show the bridge as it is today as well as when a prominent visitor took that path more than three quarters of a century ago.

The footbridge connecting the Galley to the 100-inch dome in 2008.

Albert Einstein pauses on the bridge in 1931 (Photo courtesy of the Huntington Library and the Carnegie Observatories).