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Tour Mount Wilson Observatory and

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Historic 60-inch Telescope

A Special Offering for PATS Participants

Mount Wilson Observatory is the birthplace of modern astronomy and astrophysics. No other research site on Earth has had the scientific impact that resulted from superbly talented astronomers having access to unparalled facilities in the first half of the Twentieth Century. During your Mount Wilson sojourn, you will
  • See up close the "real" Hubble Telescope - the Mount Wilson 100-inch,
  • Visit the Monastery, where every famous astronomer of the period took respite from the night's work,
  • See how solar astronomy continues from the Observatory today,
  • Tour the CHARA Array, the world's most powerful telescope for high angular resolution astronomy,
  • Enjoy supper on the mountain in an unforgettable setting,
  • Observe through the 60-inch Telescope.
The Mount Wilson 60-inch Telescope was the first truly modern telescope in its incorporation of silver-on-glass optics and a precision controlled mounting. The telescope entered into its second century of operation in December 2008, and is now regularly booked by groups for visual observations. Go here for more information about the 60-inch experience

In cooperation with the 2012 Pacific Area Telescope Show, the Observatory is offering PATS attendees the opportunity to tour Mount Wilson and observe through the 60-inch on an individual ticket basis. We have scheduled the nights of September 21 and 22, 2012, and tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Mount Wilson Observatory Superintendent Dave Jurasevich will personally conduct the tours and direct the observing sessions.

Registration Information You can only register for the tour online at this site, and the tour is open only to attendees of the Pacific Astronomy and Telescope Show 12 years of age and older.

The cost of the tour is $125, and must be paid using the Amazon Simple Pay buttons below. This cost includes the tour, dinner, and beverages during observing.

You are responsible for your own transportation to and from Mount Wilson. A map and driving directions can be found here. A "Car Pool Board" will be posted at PATS for those selecting the Saturday tour who wish to share rides, but neither PATS nor the Mount Wilson Institute assume any responsibility or liability for your transportation arrangements or visit to the Mount Wilson facilities while in transit or at the Observatory.

The tour is limited to the first twenty five registrants (at least ten participants will be required for the event to go forward) on each of the two nights - September 21 and 22. Refunds will be provided only to those who notify (by email to by September 17. There will be no weather-related refunds.

The Observatory is located at an elevation of 5700 feet with the tour requiring walking up and down many stairs and steep pathways and is not easily accessible to persons with physical disabilities. Those with known cardiac and respiratory conditions may also want to consider this before booking a reservation. You may find out more about the Mount Wilson Observatory by going to our homepage website here.

Make your reservations here: (Do not click payment button more than once, or you may be charged twice! Rest assured that your purchase will go through. You will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours.)

For Friday, September 21, SORRY, WE'RE SOLD OUT:

For Saturday, September 22, SORRY, WE'RE SOLD OUT.