MWO founder George Ellery Hale atop Mt. Wilson, 1904 Huntington Library


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View the Universe Through
MWO's Historic 60-inch Telescope
Mt. Wilson, CA
Copyrighted photo by Tom Varden.

Mount Wilson's 60-inch telescope provides incredible views of some of the most beautiful objects in the night sky and is among the largest in the world accessible to public viewing. Click on "60-inch Telescope Brochure" below for more details on this unique experience. To help visualize an evening at the telescope, our spherical panorama virtual tour shows two views of the telescope, one of which was produced during an actual observing session.

For instructions on how to request an observing session on the 60-inch telescope, click "Visitor Information" below, and then refer to the sections "Requesting Viewing Through the 60-inch Telescope" and "Viewing Fee."

Before requesting a specific date, please check the "Calendar of Available Nights" below, to see if the night you are interested in visiting is available. All unavailable nights are marked with an "X."

Please note that nights are scheduled either for the first half of the night or for the full night, based upon the calendar date of the beginning of the session. To request a half or a full night, simply check the appropriate space for "first half" or "full night" on the "60-inch Telescope Time Request & Agreement Form" below. Before submitting this form, you must first send an email inquiry to Susan McAlister to make sure your night is indeed available.

We are able to schedule a half night of observing for the first half of the night only. Logistical problems preclude us from scheduling two different groups for the first and second halves of the night. We also do not provide a service for matching different groups to share the same reservation.

Please read the "Visitor Information" section below carefully.


For further information about observing at the 60-inch telescope, contact Susan McAlister. For separate information regarding daytime tours of the Observatory, please check here. Current weather and road conditions are available here.