Lighting the Mount Wilson Back Fire

The photographs were taken by Dave Jurasevich on September 16, 2009 upon his return to the Observatory after taking a couple of well-deserved days off the mountain to be with his family. They show fire damage at points well-known to many who are familiar with the route to the Observatory. Note the replacement of the old wooden guard rail posts with steel. We are especially grateful to the Bureau of Land Management crew from Palm Springs who pitched in to dig by hand a trench to install new piping to fire stand pipes at the extreme end of the Observatory near the Monastery. A very significant leak under the Monastery was discovered just days before the fire by Ken Evans and sealed off to prevent loss of fire water when the pump system was turned on.

Tree and slopes near Red Box

The Georges Gap area

New steel guardrail posts near Clear Creek

The Clear Creek Area

Another of the Clear Creek Area

From Clear Creek towards Red Box

Lady Bug Canyon

Down guard rail near Red Box

Palm Springs BLM crew digging fire water pipe trench behind the Monastery

Another shot of the BLM crew